Intro. to Programming : Fall 2017 -Online


Schedule for week 1

0. Read and view the webpage for week 1. (This webpage!)
1. Read Introduction to your Instructor
2. Read and do: Setup/Use Python on your machine 
3. D2L Communications/Discussions: Post comment regarding setup ()
      Describe your experience setting up Python on your machine, or using a machine with Python.
4. Read chapter 1, and do the interactive Python example within.
5. D2L Assessments/Quizzes: Take quiz 1 covering chapter 1 material.
6. Read and do: p1 programming assignment
7. Email to as per p1 instructions
8. D2L Communications/Discussions: Post comment regarding p1.

Computers and Internet Access for Course

Recommended: Chrome or Firefox on a laptop or desktop with a large screen.

Chrome (by Google) or Firefox (Mozilla) should work on Windows 7 and up, Mac OS X, and recent Linux. I don't know much about Microsoft Edge, but MnSCU D2L people say it works for them. Success may vary when it comes to small handheld devices and other browsers.

Python installation is covered in setup. Python can be setup for this course on most machines, even including a $40 Raspberry pi.

D2L and the course website

When you login to D2L and select this course Csci 1020, the opening D2L page displays a link to the course website:

All materials are on this course website. The gradebook, the class forum/discussion lists, and the quizzes and final exam are on D2L.

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D2L Course Login:

Some D2L Navigation

Below is the page to login for D2L.

Below are the two discussion topics under Communications/Discussions. Create at least 1 thread for each.

Below is the week 1 quiz q1 under Assessments/Quizzes.

Below is the grade page under Assessments/Grades.

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